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Hardware industry market segmentation, rapid development momentum

2023-06-25 10:46:48

The hardware market has always been one of the promising markets, and everything big and small in the market cannot do without hardware. China has become an important hardware manufacturing country in the world, and various hardware products are eye-catching. Nevertheless, there is a certain gap between China's hardware industry and world-renowned hardware enterprises in product research and development, innovation, brand management, marketing management, enterprise scale, financial strength, and many other aspects. We only win in quantity, and technological innovation is the future development direction. Exploring the hardware market, experts have segmented it into three main categories.

The overall trend of the mold market is stable and upward. Currently, the domestic market has a large demand for mid to high-end molds, but it is required that domestic molds must meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery time, and other aspects. Moreover, the home appliance, automotive, and plastic product industries have a large demand for molds. In the international market, in recent years, labor costs in industrialized countries have increased, and they are transferring to developing countries, especially Southeast Asian countries. Their domestic production is mainly focused on High quality and precision molds are the main focus, and molds with high manual labor input rely on imports to solve the problem. Therefore, the international market potential for mid to low-end molds is enormous. As long as the quality of domestically produced molds can be improved and the delivery time can be guaranteed, the prospects for mold export are very optimistic. In addition, the international market for punching and cutting fixtures also has a high demand for standard parts for frames and molds. At present, China only exports a small amount of aircraft.

After China's accession to the WTO, with the tide of world economic integration, it is a general trend for the global manufacturing industry to accelerate its transfer to Chinese Mainland, and China will gradually develop into a manufacturing base. Luo Baihui said that Guangdong, especially the the Pearl River Delta region, with obvious advantages, will become the world mold production center within ten years. Meanwhile, in recent years, China has imported nearly $1 billion worth of molds annually, with precision, large, complex, and long-life molds accounting for the majority. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing imports, the proportion of high-end molds in the market will gradually increase.

The demand for hand tools in the US market has stabilized. At the end of last year, while the size of new homes in the US housing market increased, there were still a large number of existing homes that were uninhabited, bringing great opportunities for the housing renovation market. The increasing average model and age of motor vehicles have played a certain promoting role in the sales of hand tools in the automotive after-sales market. In addition, there is a strong demand for forging tools for electronic product distribution, especially adjustable wrenches.

The demand for hand tools in Germany has increased. In Germany, comfortable and labor-saving tools are popular. The smooth handle and beautiful appearance that help grip the tool are important factors that attract their purchasing desire. In terms of tool types, electric tools are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, rechargeable tools are becoming increasingly popular. The new charging tools currently available on the market have multiple charging pool sockets that can be used in various environments. Taiwan's handicraft industry has adjusted its product structure.

The demand for cutting tools in the global market will continue to grow. According to reports, the demand for cutting tools in the global market continues to grow. Among them, European and North American countries have stable growth, especially Eastern European countries; The Asian market has slightly rebounded, with great market potential, while Latin American countries have seen significant growth, especially Mexico. In the past year, the reason for the slow growth of demand in the tool market is mainly due to the increase in tool life, as well as the demand from users for the entire manufacturing process, which has replaced many machine tools and cutting tools. Additionally, the application of multi-functional cutting tools has increased, replacing many single function simple cutting tools in the past. Experts predict that: In the future, users will place greater emphasis on the research and development of cutting tools by manufacturers, not only in the field of materials and surface coating technology, but also in the field of automotive sealing strip manufacturers and their production processes. This expert said that focusing on production practice will help cutting tool manufacturers increase their market competitiveness in areas they are familiar with.

Technical updates. In terms of tool product technology, hard alloy tools are gradually replacing high-speed steel tools, especially circular tools. The application of coated cutting tools is becoming increasingly common, and in Europe, the market share of new cutting tools for high-speed machining is constantly increasing. The dynamics of manufacturers. From the perspective of cooperation among tool manufacturers, there will be many strong alliances among large companies in the market.

China has relatively complete economic facilities, mature industrial development, and low labor costs, and has a comparative advantage of becoming a global hardware manufacturing center. The hardware manufacturing industry has obvious characteristics of export-oriented development. The strengthening of the central position is first manifested in the comprehensive growth of hardware product exports in recent years: the export growth rate of major hardware products is higher than that of production


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