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Kunshan Yaoxinrong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

Kunshan Yaoxinrong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sales of automation equipment, precision molds, fixtures, and fixtures in the automotive, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical and other related industries.

The company was founded in 2010, formerly known as Yaorong Precision Machinery Factory in Yushan Town, Kunshan City. Located in Yushan Town, Kunshan City, with superior geographical location and extremely convenient transportation and resources. The company has mature applications of 2D and 3D auxiliary design and manufacturing software such as solidworks, UG, CAD, etc. Our company currently has a complete set of processing and measurement equipment, including CNC machining centers, discharge motors, precision surface grinders, high-precision milling machines, lathes, wire cutting, precision projectors, and so on.

Yaoxinrong Service Purpose:

Focusing on the main line from customer demand to customer satisfaction, the process of "determining customer requirements - product design and development - product manufacturing process development - product manufacturing - monitoring - measurement - delivery - customer feedback processing" serves customers.

The main business of the company:

Design, manufacturing, processing, and sales of automated mechanical equipment, precision molds, various precision fixtures, hardware, molds, and other spare parts.

Company Culture:

Pursuing the market with quality, pursuing development with technology,

Seeking efficiency through standardization and treating customers with integrity!

The company adheres to:

Sincere cooperation, customer first,

Technology is the foundation, quality comes first!

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Follow us

  • Contact person: Zhang Rongye
  • Mobile phone: +86 13151154311
  • Address: East End of Building 4, No. 1299 Chengbei Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan City